Chemwork is a powerful process software which facilitates process engineering job with providing a consistent environment that integrates the design procedures, calculations tool and process final deliverables. It consists of about 20,000 lines of program which was generated in around 25,000 hour.

While having very sound theoretical basis, Chemwork is truly a practical software that takes the real project execution requirements into account. It has a very user-friendly interface, works with different measurement systems (i.e. SI, Imperial, Metric), and designed to be flexible enough to work with different companies' sizing procedures. The software demos can be accessed through the following links:

As depicted in demos, Chemwork outputs are available in two forms that are produced in MS Excel at the touch of a button; Process equipment "data sheet" (i.e. pump API data sheet, control valve and PSV data sheet) and "calculation sheet" that includes all inputs and calculation results. Both are ready for submitting to the customer with minimum changes. This feature significantly reduces the human errors (in document preparation, data transferring and final reporting and documentation) and consequently time and cost of the project. Some of the software typical calculation sheets are available in the following links:

Chemwork files are saved in a particular extension (filename.chw) which are auto-run. It is also secured against cracking using a dedicated license. The software results have been checked and validated thorough hand calculations, other spreadsheets and software during real projects.

Chemwork has two main versions. Version 1 was designed in the form of MS Excel worksheets. Though it was comparable with Version 2 in all basic capabilities but hardly considered as a professional software because of the poor interface. Version 2 was released after reproducing Excel version in the new form using Visual Basic program. The first version of Chemwork with new structure and look is V2.1, released in 2005. This Version covers some of the most popular process calculations such as:

  • Line sizing for single phase flow
  • Line sizing for two phase flow in vertical and horizontal pipes
  • Pump hydraulic calculation
  • Control valve hydraulic calculation for gas and liquid services
  • PSV sizing and selection for gas, liquid and steam
  • PSV inlet line sizing
  • Relief rate calculation for fire and thermal expansion cases
  • Two phase separator sizing (vertical and horizontal)

The production of Chemwork V2.2 was kicked off in 2009 with the idea of increasing the number of calculation modules and taking the feedbacks of previous version into consideration. Chemwork V2.2 is going to be released after addition of the following modules:

  • Flare stack sizing based on heat radiation
  • Orifice sizing for gas, liquid and steam services
  • Relief rate calculation for control valve failure and heat exchanger tube rupture cases
  • PSV sizing for two phase flow
  • Control valve flow coefficient calculation
  • Tank sizing, normal and emergency venting calculation, and coil sizing
  • Steam table


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